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Research Interests

Although I am curious about a rather broad number of fields within the domain of computer science, I am currently interested in the following broad areas:

I currently focus my research on the following key areas:

Although specific research topics of interest to me sometimes change, here are the topics I am currently very interested in:

An interesting project I am currently working on involves recreating a variety of network devices such as network interface cards (NICs), routers, switches, and even splices of Ethernet cable on FPGA-based development boards. The goal is to ultimately layer an evolving mobile agent framework on the network through these FPGA-based devices for the purpose of securing cyber systems.

Another interesting project I participated in involved mobile intelligent agents in a heterogeneous data gathering setting in combination with web service technologies and the use of reconfigurable fuzzy logic techniques to provide a comprehensive analysis specific to a problem domain. The research involves the Department of Defense, NAVOCEANO, Stennis Space Center, and members of industry including Radiance Technologies, Diamond Data Systems, and NVision Solutions.

I have been known to be interested in the following rather interesting areas:

I have had the pleasure of working in several laboratories as a researcher. My current research falls under the Center for Secure Cyberspace, a joint collaboration of Louisiana Tech University and Louisiana State University. I have worked for the Computational Science Research Facility for Defense Data Integration (CSR-DDI) which focuses on using mobile intelligent agents and fuzzy logic to analyze disparate information in order to aid battlefield commanders. I have also worked with the Database Research Lab for Intelligent Agents (DRLIA), in conjunction with the NGA (also, see GEOINT), developing intelligent geospatial agents for distributed information retrieval and conflation.

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